"Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal."
- Edward O. Wilson
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Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

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"Escape and Relax"

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge
Mount Batukaru, Tabanan
Bali, Indonesia.
+62 897 006 079


Sarinbuana Eco Lodge is located at 700m on the slopes of Mount Batukaru in central Bali. You have a great opportunity to retreat into nature, to relax or be active taking treks or sustainability workshops with the Balinese community. Their location is only 15 minutes away from Mount Batukaru's pristine rainforest by foot along walking paths which pass through beautiful forest gardens. The owners of Sarinbuana - Linda vant Hoff and Norm vant Hoff imagined a comfortable place where their visitors could be inspired by Balinese culture, the lush farmlands and the ecology of local rainforests.


Mt. Batukaru literally translated means, “The Coconut Shell Rock”. Surinbuana has been approved by the traditional land owners, the local community & the local government. Community feedback is regularly sought through informal staff feedback and monthly village meetings. A part time staff member represents their business at local community meetings and throughout the year in the community.

Originally from New Zealand, Linda vant Hoff first came to Bali in 1984. Linda has studied and practised organic farming and permaculture practices for many years. She facilitated permaculture courses at the lodge in Bali during the 90′s. Norm vant Hoff has implemented sustainable waste management systems, developed strategies for non-toxic pest control, advised on sustainable hotel operations and designed holistic landscapes.

Sumptuous local dishes are the mainstay of Sarinbuana's restaurant. Organic gardens on their property provide many of fruits, spices and vegetables. Garden herbs are make for invigorating teas & fresh sauces too. Linda has been the architect of much the lodge's permaculture landscape. Other staples of Balinese cooking are available locally in abundance such as coffee, palm sugar, vanilla, eggs & coconuts.

Traditional Balinese designs were adapted for Sarinbuana to achieve a harmony with the local architecture. The property's design also works to create a natural flow within surrounding landscape. Surinbuana's bungalows are comfortably outfitted, with hot showers, fridges, free internet access. Local sustainable materials - bamboo, coffee, coconut & jackfruit – continue to used in the construction of furniture and building improvements. Sky lights & glass tiles provide natural light and terracotta floor tiles add an earthy accent. Low energy saving appliances and lighting are used throughout the property.

Company donations from trekking fees fund trail improvements in the community region. The couple also sponsors the Bali Starling Breeding project in partnership with the Begawan foundation.

See "Sustainability" on our website: baliecolodge.com for more information

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