"Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal."
- Edward O. Wilson
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Lisu Lodge

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"Tribal Culture"

Lisu Lodge
Ban Chang sub-district
Chiang Mai, Thailand
+66 (0)888097047


Named after the Lisu hill tribe village that is found near the lodge, Lisu Lodge is part of a community-based project that aims to conserve the natural heritage of the hill tribes of northern Thailand. Built in traditional Lisu style with an eye for western comforts, the lodge overlooks the lush fields and hills surrounding the valley and serves as your base camp for a magical blend of adventure, relaxation and insight.

The local community has been involved in the development and operations of Lisu lodge from the beginning. The staff members of the lodge consist mainly of people from the Lisu hill tribe village of Ban Chang sub-district, Chiang Mai, where Lisu Lodge is located. A total of 31 Lisu staffs are currently employed full time at Lisu Lodge (24 guestrooms). All new staffs at entry level receive a monthly salary based on the government’s minimum wage. Employment is open to adult villagers, regardless of their educational background. By using natural materials (e.g. bamboo and thatch) to build the lodges, we help preserve the integrity of the land. The design of the guest cottages is adapted from traditional houses in the area, thus blending in well with the ambience of the village. Guestrooms are equipped with basic amenities such as towels, toiletries and solar-power water heaters. There is no air conditioner in any building at the Lisu Lodge.

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The lodge offers a variety of tour packages that include accommodation, meals, village tours and low (carbon) energy consumption activities such as walking, trekking, biking, whitewater rafting and planting trees.

Every Lisu staff member receives trainings about English language and hospitality skills. Our company also invests in the people involved in running the tours by giving them an English course, tour guide training, and hospitality skills training. They also receive first aid and whitewater rafting training. The knowledge they receive improves their standard of service, and this benefits both our guests and other tourists with whom they interact.

The lodge offers a Thai massage service and herbal steam bath. The service is provided by Lisu women in the village. There is no spa service at the lodge. All guests will be taken care of by Lisu hosts. During their stay, they will visit the Lisu village on a guided tour, conducted by a Lisu villager, to learn about Lisu culture and life style. We are committed to using local or fair-trade products and services. Most of the food ingredients used in the food served at the lodge come from local grocery shops and farmers in the area.

Water used in the lodges comes from natural resources, by agreement with the local communities. Waste water is treated in a septic tank before being released. Solar panels are used at Lisu Lodge to generate electricity for hot water in the guest rooms. All lodges offer only low-carbon tourist activities such as biking, white-water rafting, elephant rides, and trekking . Asian Oasis and its tourism industry partners founded the Himmapaan Foundation (himmapaan.com), which supports projects that encourage local people to restore or preserve their culture and surroundings. Guests of Lisu Lodge who take part in mountain treks collect seeds and give them to the Foundation’s nursery.

Since 2008, Asian Oasis has organized an annual Tree Planting Day in the degraded forests in communities near Lisu lodge. Local villagers have always been invited to participate in this event. Thousands of young trees planted on these occasions have taken root and flourished . Rice served at all the lodges is grown in our pesticide-free paddies near Lisu Lodge . Under the EarthCare project, we have for the past two years been working with the International School of Bangkok to bring local and international schoolchildren to the lodges to gain an understanding of people of different cultures, and to learn about the importance of ecological systems. The schoolchildren and the local people work together on various projects such as repairing or constructing a school building, building a small weir and making a firebreak. Asian Oasis, as a founding members of the Himmapaan Foundation, is instrumental in raising funds for the Teacher for the Lahu Hill Tribe Children Project. The funds are used to hire a full-time primary school teacher for the Lahu hill tribe village. The children now receive education close to home instead of having to walk down the hills for hours to get to school.

News about our sustainable tourism activities is regularly updated on the website .

News updates about responsible tourism activities are also posted on the company’s Facebook pages asian oasis and lisu lodge.

See "Asian Oasis Philosophy" on our website: asian-oasis.com for more information

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