"Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal."
- Edward O. Wilson
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Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort

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"Sustainable Luxury"

Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve
Santa Cruz La Laguna,
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve ecolodge contributes to the ecological legacy of Guatemala by aiding in the preservation of it's national forests. The nature reserve protects and conserves flora and fauna which is replenished for future generations and helps minimize our affect on global warming.

View of Lake Atitlan

The lodge's luxury accommodation and services maintain high levels of sustainability whilst not compromising quality, comfort and service. Management integrates sustainable environmental and socially responsible business practices to protect and contribute to the cultural and biological diversity of this area. Embracing environmental stewardship we hope to inspire people to choose a greener, healthier and more peaceful lifestyle. Reflecting local and national heritage our use of indigenous materials blend both traditional and contemporary ideas.

Zotz restaurant's cuisine reflects an increasing awareness that the growing and consumption of food affects many other systems. Collective food choices have a major impact on our environment, personal health and on the welfare of animals grown for food. Mayan staff serve sustainable, predominantly native and organic meat-free cuisine. Lake Atitlan and her environs are our natural asset and we continue to be influenced by sustainable, ecological and social principles as we evolve with and lead in sustainable luxury tourism initiatives.

See "Conservation" on our website: TheLagunaLodge.com for more information

2013 Wildforests Awards