"Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal."
- Edward O. Wilson
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Faasai Resort and Spa

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"Where Forest Meets the Sea"

Faasai Resort and Spa
Chanthaburi, Thailand
(66) 039 417 404


Faasai means clear skies; a reference to the refreshing quality of the breeze and expansive views of the sky and encircling hills and mountains. From the comfort of your pavilion terrace you can enjoy abundant bird life, brightly coloured butterflies, lizards, the scent of the forest and tropical flowers, the rising sun and moon, a starlit sky and the sound of the waves. In the rainy season you will also see fireflies, mountain mists, tropical thunderstorms and spectacular views of the Cardamon Mountains 80 kilometres to the east. Faasai Resort and Spa is an eco-resort, committed to preserving the environment and supporting the local community.


Our landscaping includes a mixed use forest garden of edible and decorative crops. This richness of nature provides an adventure of discovery and rich diversity which changes over the seasons. Children can explore the rich sensory environment and experience an exceptional wealth of learning and discovery. The respect for nature is framed within the Buddhist perspective, the culture of Thailand, which emphasises kindness, moderation and peacefulness and it inspired the guiding principle in managing the resort of grace, harmony and natural beauty.

The forest gardening practiced at the resort is based on the concept of working in harmony with nature and using biological methods such as effective microorganisms to build healthy soil and grow an abundance of healthy crops. As part of its commitment to the environment, the resort offers guests the chance to learn about nature farming and pick and eat fresh organic produce from its edible forest garden, which also preserves habitat for local wildlife. The owners have established a nearby nature sanctuary, adjoining a sustainable farm using permaculture principles, which is protecting an area of fresh water springs. The lake they have restored also helps protects the local area from flooding and drought with its own wetlands and reservoir. The resort, farm and nature sanctuary have a rich biodiversity and provide a haven for wildlife, sheltering more than 130 species of birds, reptiles including an abundance of lizards and frog species, and small mammals such as squirrels.

The plants grown at the resort not only provide unique food for the guests but are also part of the spa experience which focuses on the use of Thai traditional massage and healing local herbs. The resort not only provides a haven for local fauna and flora but is a role model for the local people interested in an alternative to dangerous chemicals in agriculture.

See "Responsible Travel" on our website: faasai.com for more information

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