"Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal."
- Edward O. Wilson
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Q: How can I participate in this wiki project?
  1. Create yourself a login.
  2. Outline your access request in an email request.
Q: How to contact the wiki's administrator?
  1. Send an email request (username: admin).
  2. Leave a comment on the admin's discussion page.
Q: How create a user page?
  1. Checkout the Help:User_page.
  2. Create a personal User_page.
Q: How to create a business listing?
  1. Add a back link to the wildforests.co .
  2. Checkout the Help:Formatting.
  3. Create a new page in the company namespace for example Company:insert_company_name.
  4. Make an email request to add to our business listings for a specific area.
Q: How to create a new content page?
  1. Create a new wiki page by simply appending a page name to the base url wiki.wildforests.co/topic/Page Name
  2. Alternatively, add an internal page link to an existing page and click that this new link (view source)
  3. Checkout the Help:Formatting.