"Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal."
- Edward O. Wilson
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Content Guidelines

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The Wildforests.co project is broadly focused on forest ecology issues. Wiki content needs to consider this perspective rather than eco-tourism per se. For instance, one need not describe park facilities or transportation infrastructure in detail as might be the case for park authority. Possible modes of travel will provide an idea about the available opportunities for ecotourism.

Ecology should be the central focus. The tone should be more academic than an eco-tourism brochure might be. What special features are protected or are in need of protection which might face threats from incompatible resource use are more important above all. The political dimensions of some park's history have served as a later lesson for instance. Indigenous cultural history of an area could also be an interesting topic.

Some content is presently organized into a separate namespace - Places. This wiki namespace is reserved for protected areas, candidate areas for protection or ecological regions. The website covers political geography of countries and regions.

Direct citation of business names should not be made without the express consent of the wiki's administrative team. Opportunities for eco-tourism advertisements can be assigned instead on a specific tour page for a regional operators.

One may find the existing content does not adequately meet these requirements. You might outline a proposal for making changes in the discussion page and notify the wiki administrator. Otherwise, try to leave the page content in reasonably good form during the revision process. I'll try to post a good example of what might be considered good style in the near future.