"Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal."
- Edward O. Wilson
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Oceanviews of Howe Sound from the Forest Canopy.
Emergents in the Pacific Temperate Rainforest.

About the Project

Our wiki effort aspires to serve as an information portal on forest ecology. To date, these efforts have focused on bringing together photographers to draw attention to the importance of protecting forest ecosystems. We also intend to foster responsible tourism opportunities around the world. The UN's 'Year of Forests' has transitioned to the 'Decade of Biodiversity'. Let's everyone work together to build momentum towards a sustainable future.

Helping out with Wildforests?

If you are interested in assisting us with wiki content, please outline your thoughts for improving our wiki's content in an email request - username:admin. The wiki's administrator must grant a site permissions for content changes to each new account. Check out our FAQ page and the Content Guidelines.